Friday, September 11, 2009


I just wanted to post a quick update on our family since I don't seem to get on here enough. Here is the run down --

David is enjoying work at Weir Mesa, and when not there working, stays busy as the executive secretary at church.

Laurel has picked up a job doing medical transcription on the side so while the kids are at school, she is working from home. When school ends...she is running around with kids to gymnastics or other meetings. She is one of the activity day girls leaders at church.

Ashley loves being a 7th grader at Bonham. I was really worried about her starting Jr. High but she has loved it from day one and has met a few good friends that she shares classes and lunch with. She decided to take gymnastics as an elective this year, as well as choir and AVID. She is also taking an after school gymnastics class 3 days a week with her sisters. She loves Young Women and singing with the church choir.

Briana loves being a 5th grader at Milam Elementary. She made the gymnastics team and her 1st gymnastics meet will be on September 29th. She also auditioned and was selected for the Milam Ministrel choir. For their P.E. classes at Milam...they have the option of taking dance, so Briana will also be learning Ballet & Hip Hop this year. She loves Activity Days and is also taking the after school gymnastics classes 3 days a week.

CJ is our little 3rd grader and will also be taking Hip Hop and Ballet this year. She is also taking piano at Milam once a week. She loves activity days & gymnastics after school with her sisters.

Danielle is having a harder time with going to kindergarten. It is a very long day compared to what she has been used to. With Milam being a Magnet school, they don't get out until 4:15 pm. She cried the 1st 2 weeks but I think we may have found the key...We decided to let her buy ice-cream at lunch everyday if she goes happily without crying. Except for a few tears...this has worked pretty good. She is impressing all of her gymnastic coaches (after school) with her natural talent in the sport. She will be learning Ballet at school this year but she has stated that she does not want to "perform" in front of the parents for their recital. I don't know if that is part of their grade or we shall see what happens when that time comes.

That is our update in a nutshell. Hope all is well with you guys! We love and miss all of you!


Alaska Law said...

We thought you were busy unpacking....I guess you have PLENTY of other things to occupy your time. How many miles have you put on the car running around after school? I'm amazed how quickly all of those little trips add up!

King Family said...

ha ha...I still have to finish unpacking also....As for the mileage..I don't know how many more miles but I no that I am filling up the gas tank atleast twice as often as I was in Allen. Ugh!!!!
How are you guys in Alaska?