Monday, January 12, 2009

Danielle with baby Clayton

Danielle just loves babies & couldn't get enough of baby Clayton Jones when they came to visit us the other day. She would hold him & tickle him all day long if he would let her. She was really excited when he fell asleep while she was holding him. So sweet!

Our 1st Broken Bone

Of course Danielle waited until we didn't have insurance before she decided to go & break her arm! On Monday, the girls (all 4 of them) and their friends decided it would be "cool" if they went on the outside of the net on the trampoline & walk all the way around. Well....Danielle was accidentally knocked off hurt her arm. David & I had no clue what to due, with no insurance & we waited & watched her. She was not putting any weight on it so by Saturday...I was totally freaked out & planning on taking her to the ER. We said a prayer & felt that we needed to wait until Monday before we took her tried to calm myself down. We went to church the next morning & I immediately took Danielle to see my physical therapist/friend sitting in the back row of the chapel. I said "I know you don't have x-ray vision, but could you look at her arm anyway & tell me what you think?" He looked at it for a minute or so & said "ya brother in law is here for Sacrament meeting before he flys back to Idaho and he is an Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon and could look at this. He is who you really need." So...we waited in the foyer for him to arrive and had him look at her arm. He said "you could have taken her in for x-rays & they wouldn't have seen anything & sent you home but...she has got a hairline fracture of the growth plate in her wrist. If you had insurance, I would tell you to cast it but since you don't right now & if she is really can get away with splinting it for 3 weeks, assuming she doesn't injure it worse." Needless to say....We were thrilled that we didn't waste our money on xrays that would not have shown us anything! And that the Lord answered our prayers with this wonderful man who just "happened to be at the right place at the right time" when we needed him to be! Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ashley turns 12 years old

New Years Eve 2008 (almost 2009)

Ashley got a dozen roses and a candy bar
from her new Beehive Teacher

Christmas 2008

Christmas morning....playing with all the fun toys.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Twilight Parties!!!!!1 I chatted with my long lost friend from college (through facebook) and found out that she planned & put on 2 huge Twilight/New Moon parties where Stephenie Meyer came to both! Here is the site for those! I was so jealous & proud of her!!! Way to go Michele!!! (they made these cute little trophies that they presented to Stephenie Meyer and they made cute little gift bags & fun take aways) (my friend michele is in the pic that is right above the paragraph that starts "One of the coolest things about the Eclipse Prom was that it wasn't just here in Phoenix—" She is the one in a black shirt on the left of stephenie meyer, when you look at the pic) (Here are question & answer segments with Stephenie Meyer)

And this is her Photography site...just in case you wanted to know...he he he