Sunday, May 31, 2009


LOL...actually Brenda...Angela Jamison was the one who threatened...ha ha..and Mary...I did change just takes a little bit for it to pull all the way up. The Twilight background is still underneath the new one I guess...but the new one does find its way to the top if you wait long enough! I miss everyone too! I think we are going to try to make it for a visit in July! Will you all be around?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

OK...OK...OK...OOOOKKKKK! I have been told by someone (who shall rename nameless), that if I don't update myblog...they were going to "kick my butt". So....I am finally "updating" my blog. Since our arrival in Odessa, things have been busy. The kids started school & have loved the fact that they are ahead in their school subjects because they had already covered in Allen, what is being taught in Odessa. It has taken CJ a little longer to "fit in" because she is so shy but I think she has finally come around. David is doing great at work but seems to be on the lonely side. We need his guy friends to move down here or maybe come & visit him (hint hint Branden!!!!) Laurel is just basically following her sister around like a little puppy because she doesn't have any friends of her own here either. I am sure that as soon as our house in Allen sells & we are able to get one of our own here...we will be able to make friends of our own & start having game nights & meeting people....
We did sign Ashley up for Ice Skating lessons & the rest of the crew in gymnastics lessons. They are all enjoying that & can't wait for school to be out so they can play non stop.

We do miss all of our friends tremendously!!!!!! & we want to wish all of you mothers a Happy Mother's Day! Write us soon! Or come & visit us!